The Crew

Buddy - El Presidente

Hello, my name is Buddy!  These two bearded men next to me think they run the place, but I have them wrapped around my paws.  In my past life, I worked at a running store in Colorado and always knew I would sniff my way back to run specialty.  I just love being able to greet you at the door.  If you ever want to take me for a run, I will act really excited, but then realize it was a bad choice after a mile or two.  There's just too many things to mark my territory on.  I look forward to having you stop in and guilting you into rubbing my belly.     

Jim Dwyer

More to come about myself, but truthfully a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Clifton Smith

Thanks for checking us out!  Like so many of us, running was not in my vocabulary and the thought of running even seemed mentally exhausting.  It wasn't till 2014 when a friend of mine challenged me to run a marathon with him.  Nothing like diving right in!  After a few weeks of training, I was hooked and caught that mystical running bug.  I quickly discovered how amazing and important it is to have a running community for that support and camaraderie.  After being a part of a great running scene up in Cedar Falls, I moved out to Colorado to chase this beautiful woman standing next to me, and once again found myself surrounded by a community of runners.  I started working for a locally owned run speciality shop in Denver and soon realized this was what I wanted to do.  Life continued to happen and we moved back to our home state of Iowa.  In order to scratch that itch, I started working part-time at Running Wild.  When they closed their doors, it didn't take long for Jim and I to realize how important it was to fill that void.  There is something special about Cedar Rapids, and I couldn't be more grateful and honored to help serve this community through Iowa Running Company.